Simple Drinking Game: Beer Pong

Simple Drinking Game: Beer pong

In the world of partying one does not always just want to sit around a table and play raunchy board games. It has been a few years since I have been in the house partying scene, however if I find myself at one, there is always the option of the simple drinking game of beer pong.


Beer pong is a simple setup, but not so simple to win at. This simple drinking game can get less simple the more you play. Like a game of billiards/pool, this game takes a lot of playing and practice to get good at it. There is a wikihow page that explains the setup and how to play here

simple party game beer pong

Accessories and kits

I found beer pong accessories like bulk bags of ping pong balls and fancy cups and portable tables if you get serious about it, the link will take you right to the amazon page all about beer pong. There are some interesting things on amazon that I never would have thought of.

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Party Games for Adults: A Few More

 Party Games for Adults Only Suggestions

Hello party animals! One of my Facebook friends has given me some suggestions of a few party games for adults, specifically ONLY for adults.  Telestrations After Dark, Adult Loaded Questions, and Codenames are what I am going to write about today. For your own suggestions click here.

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out all my posts for other great party game ideas. The activity feed is a more condensed list by date and topic if you want to find something by date. And be sure if you see any games you like click the link to them from my site to help me out as an Amazon affiliate. They help me for helping them.

       Telestrations After Dark

party games for adults

This party game for adults only seems pretty simple to understand, however without showing or playing it is hard to explain it. I found a youtube video explaining this game here. Telestrations After Dark is like Pictionary and a game of telephone combined. A sketchbook is passed around drawn on by one and guessed by the next, then the next person writes what they thing it is and it repeats, the hint and the drawing get more skewed as the game progresses.

                 Drawing Without Dignity

While researching the above game I came across Drawing Without                         Dignity. If you like Pictionary than this game is for your next party.                             This is uncensored pictionary where the player have to draw                                       naughty clues.

pictionary party games for adults

Adult Loaded Questions

Adult Loaded Questions comes with 308 cards with loaded personal questions on them. Do you answer truthfully?

  • Questions include: What is an instant mood killer? / What word sounds dirty…but isn’t? / What TV show would you watch if it included full nudity?


Our last suggestion for party games for adults today is Codenames. This is a game about guessing clues and revealing identities of spies. This game says ages 14 and up which tells me that it is not a purely adult party game. This game sounds really fun though but as I haven’t played myself I can only say that the goal is to guess all the identities before the enemy team, I believe that is the goal. For more information on this game there is a whole website devoted to it that is interactive. Click here for the games website. Click here for the link to buy it.

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Party Game: 5 Second Rule Uncensored

5 Second Rule Uncensored party game

Adult Party Game
5 Second Rule is a very simple concept and it is going to be difficult to write much about this party game. It is rated for ages 17 and up because it is uncensored. This party game comes with 150 2-sided cards and a timer.

The object of the 5 Second Rule party game is to list enough things off in 5 seconds. An example of one of the cards is three uses for your tongue. It may seem easy until you are on the spot and some nasty things may come out, but you have to say whatever comes to you to beat the 5 second timer! I’m sure this game can get pretty wild and explicit without meaning to.

I would be concerned with how long a group of people could actually play this game without getting bored of it however. I don’t think I will buy it unless I hear good things about it. Let me know if you have played it.

Please feel free to register or give new game suggestions for my next post.

Adult Drinking Game: Pass Out

Adult Drinking Game: Pass Out

The adult drinking game Pass Out is a board game. 2-4 players roll the dice and move their piece around the board. Different spots have different tongue twisters that need to be recited. If a person messes up they have to drink from whatever alcoholic drink they have.  This game has been around for a long time you can even buy vintage versions of it. As with any drinking game, it gets harder after every drink. Just imagine some of the tongue twisters you have heard  and try to say them drunk!

Adult Drinking Game
Pass Out Board Game Drinkers Party Game
Pass Out is a great simple concept of an adult drinking game that should be easy enough to explain to your possibly already buzzed friends, not so easy to win however!

For other game ideas check out my articles on Sick & Twisted Charades or Cards Against Humanity/Rotten Apples.




Adult Party Game: Sick & Twisted Charades

Adult Party Game Volume II

In my first post I shared one of my favorite adult party games Rotten Apples. Now it is time to unveil the next “not so proper” adult party game that I am dying to check out. If you would like to read about Rotten Apples or Cards Against Humanity instead click here.

Sick and Twisted Charades, Adult party board game

Welcome back for my next adult party game suggestion. As far as I know everybody has had to play charades at some point in life right? Are you bored of the same old games and want to try something new? Are you a fan of Charades? Well look no further because I have found your answer. As it says on the box, Sick and Twisted Charades is meant for adults only 18 and up. To sum up the rating of this game, I have seen it described as “saucy, suggestive, and downright obscene”.

Adult Party Game

What this adult party game includes

Play the popular game of Charades with a twist. The version of Sick and Twisted Charades includes cards, tiles, a timer, instructions,  and a foam ball.  The cards have twisted and dirty clues to act out and a foam ball to throw at the actor when they are out of time. This game sounds more my style. I get to throw things at people when they aren’t stopping when I tell them! At least It is only foam so the losers aren’t too sore after.

Sick and Twisted Charades, Adult party board game Summary

This an interesting spin on the original Charades game that can get boring for some. Add this twist and some beers to make any party an adult party. This game seems like a good spin on Charades and I think I am going to buy this game very soon for my next adult party game night.

To take your experience to the next party level, including alcohol in your games, check out the drinking board game Pass Out on my next post.

Adult Party Games Ideas


Welcome to the site all about the most popular and fun adult party games on the market. My goal is to provide readers with researched proof of the most fun adult party games they can buy before they waste their money on boring games. I will research many sites and reviews as well as reviewing adult games myself at parties.

Some fun adult party games

So far I own a game called rotten apples which is pretty darn fun. However, this game is most fun with 4 or more people. But of course these will be party games so they are all meant for groups.

Rotten Apples Party Game

Rotten Apples is a fun mad-lib type game where a player is judge and the other players fill in a blank with one of their cards. Depending on your friends’ imaginations this game can get pretty raunchy and/or funny.  It is definitely a game about reading your judge though.

Appropriate or Not?

Rotten Apples is a cleaner version of the popular Cards Against Humanity. While I am still waiting to play CAH I know it must be very fun, but not a game you would want to play at family parties. An example of why this game is inappropriate for family or children is shown below.

adult party games

This one is not for the young or faint of heart. Rotten Apples is bad enough for family parties, depending on the family of course.  I like these games because they allow the player to use their imagination and creativity to be as dirty or funny as possible and win over their friend who is the judge. As always, these games tend to get a lot more fun when alcohol is involved.

I would also like to hear other suggestion and input and am working on making this a community based website. Feel free to register and become part of a growing party community and contribute to the discussion! Contacting me here is another way to share.